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Watch Pomeranian's Surprising Reaction To A Hotel Bed

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Chewy is quite a little traveler and a good one. He has stayed in a hotel several times, and his reaction to them is never quite the same. Sometimes he likes to run across the hotel bed with a playful bark. Other times, the dignified Pom just lays out or gradually explores, sniffing his strange new surroundings. At first, he just sniffed around, and then he did this:

During a fairly recent stay, Chewy the Pomeranian found himself in an incredibly lively state. He paraded around the couch like a little royal, trotting about with zealous abandon. Then he graced the bed, and his reaction was priceless. Why is this so surprising? 

Chewy has a giant tunnel at home, and he will not go inside it for anything. Have a hard time believing it? You can watch the YouTube video here. Whether it is the promise of his cherished cheese or his beloved marshmallows, nothing can get Chewy to let his fluffy self get into the orange tunnel. He has a smaller one meant for cats. He simply refuses to acknowledge it at all.

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So, imagine the surprise when Chewy adorably put his head under the hotel bed's sheets, sniffing and excitedly emoting. It was the cutest moment! With Chewy, you never know quite what to expect, and this was one of those super-cute moments that proved that. Thankfully, we got on camera to remember forever.

I recently freaked out, fearing the precious video had accidentally gotten deleted. Cue the massive relief when it was located safely on my phone. All is well that ends well! Speaking of which, if you liked the video, please feel free to give it a like and subscribe to the channel (and Eclectic Pup) for more Chewy.


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