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Welcome To Chewy’s Merch Store: 12 Dog-Gone Fun Treats

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Eclectic Pup

It is the Christmas treat you did not know you wanted and now know you need. Chewy has a merch shop open and ready for business. The top Pom insisted that the magic of his adorable little self, don some attire so he can be closer to more hearts. So, if you were wondering what to get this holiday season, this might be it.

Now, please remember that his mother is new to the whole “merch” world. So, these designs are representative of that. Check them out below if you are curious (here is the link to the TeeSpring store). Also, if you are so generously inclined and like the merch enough to buy something, know it is an opportunity to support Eclectic Pop’s official mascot and Eclectic Pup. Chewy would also be forever grateful. 🐾💖

Chewy Pomeranian Dog

The designs include Chewy’s face with the caption “Yes, I’m cute,” which has a double meaning of sorts. Is the text referring to you or Chewy? Take a chance and put yourself out there, friend. You both have great hair. The other merch known as the “Chewy the Great” listing shows off his adorable little mug with that caption on the front. On the back, “The one, the only.”

Chewy’s sense of humor abounds. His precious face is available to wear on short and long-sleeved T-shirts as well as on mugs. Those seem to be an excellent place to start as Chewy puts his paws in the merch world. Are there other products you would like to see? Let Chewy know in the comments below. Do you think the merch available so far is a yay or nay? (Please be kind. Chewy reads the comments.)


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