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Chewy Is 2-Years Old Now: A Belated Happy Birthday Post

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Happy Birthday, Chewy! The adorable, affable, and feisty Pomeranian recently celebrated his second birthday. Where has the time gone? To be honest, it scares me. But, before I fall to a million pieces and start crying, you need to know how extraordinary Chewy is.

Chewy is smart, quirky, and precious. His knack for constant suspicion makes him an ace detective and the first to alert his family whenever there is a stranger nearby. Wherever Chewy goes, he gets met with an almost Taylor Swift-like level (minus the pandemonium) of attention.

People want to pet him, take a picture, or simply talk to him. Chewy draws a crowd, yet he never lets it go to his head. There is only one thing he craves aside from his family’s attention. Chewy’s favorite treat is cheese, but he will not do any and everything for it.

He has limits, will not be bribed, and is not for sale. In another amusing development, Chewy will react shocked if you tell him that he already had a bunch of cheese less than an hour ago. What can I say? Chewy is a great actor (who loves costumes).

Like any good actor, Chewy is also an expert empath. When I had surgery, he did not leave my side while I recovered. He is the most faithful friend I have ever had. When Chewy arrived in his family’s life, he successfully breached a significant portion of yours truly’s iced-out heart and soul following five years of it being frozen.

Chewy is the only one who could reach the emotionally damaged and physically drained person he met. Then at 1.9 lbs., he was suspicious, uncertain, and reticent to love. I held him in my arms all evening when he arrived. The second night, he stayed even longer. A tiny furry Chewy lied like a baby on his back in my arms.

Every five or so minutes, he opened his eyes to see if I was there, still holding him. He gently closed them back to sleep when he saw that I was, only to replay the same pattern. At last, that night, Chewy was satisfied with the evidence and leaped to love his forever family. I honestly do not deserve him.

How on earth a dog as pure, brave, and beautiful came into my life is one of its greatest mysteries. Since getting him in March 2020, he has shown everyone what it is to be a survivor. Chewy has overcome sickness and so much more. He is a fighter!

I love him more than I could have ever imagined. To know him is to love him, and part of sharing his life and times online has been so others can feel his magic. He has a lot of it. For this birthday and every birthday to come, I hope he gets to experience the magic he has brought so many others. ๐Ÿพ


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