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Ask A Pomeranian: Is Flying Traumatic for Dogs or Puppies?

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How did we get Chewy? It is one of the more common questions we get about the adorable fur baby. First off, Chewy came from a breeder. How he came to his forever home is a bit more complicated. Here it goes.

How did Chewy arrive at his forever home? Would you recommend the method to other prospective Pomeranian parents?

Chewy came via airplane, and I would not recommend that method to anyone, especially not to pet parents wanting to bring a small breed dog like a Pomeranian home. They are way too little and vulnerable to deal with the trauma of the loud sounds of an airplane and the questionable conditions of a cargo hold. 

Despite airlines’ changing policies around fur babies in the cabin, the ability to bring a Pomeranian puppy older than 8 weeks old home in the cabin is currently possible. We wish the breeder had suggested that instead. If flying home with Chewy was not an option, driving thousands of miles to get him would have been the other. He would have been worth any effort to bring home.

Despite lots of research and others well-meaningly reassuring us that flying in cargo was a safe and common means of bringing a dog home, it did not work out well for Chewy. Based on his experience, there were better options than this one, and I would not recommend it. 

No matter the breed, a puppy is a puppy (even if he wears a Superman costume), and flying adds stress to an already stressful situation. At least, it did for Chewy. In closing, I would suggest any other means of bringing your fur baby to his forever home. It will be worth it!

Thankfully, Chewy has completely rebounded from his plane ride. He is a thriving, happy fur baby brimming with personality and love. You can check him out on YouTube and subscribe to the blog! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿพ


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