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How to Calm a Dog Down During a Thunderstorm, Per Chewy

Pomeranian Dog Chewy Thunderstorm

It is thunderstorm season where Chewy resides, and the most curious development has occurred as storms have ramped up here. Chewy has been in tremendous duress, shaking and panting as rain pours and thunder roars. What makes this odd?

Ever since Chewy first joined his forever family at 13 weeks old, he has always taken storms in stride. They were a non-event for him. At two years old, he began expressing anxiety as thunderstorms started to swirl nearby. As a Pomeranian, Chewy tends to be high-strung and incredibly fierce. 

While he is concerned about them, he always comes to my aid, bravely sitting with his little chest puffed out to defend me. Of course, his family would rather he be able to relax and feel safe inside his home, anticipating the calm after the storm. ๐ŸŒ‚๐ŸŒˆ There is something that has helped get him there.

Chewy does not own a thunder jacket. However, he does have a harness he wears for walks and other activities. Chewy only wears it when on the move to prevent unnecessary matting that occurs when he wears one for extended periods. Remarkably, wearing his harness impacts him similarly to a thunder jacket.

The snug fit has worked to give him a similar feeling that the thunder jacket is supposed to have on our fur babies. It may only work for some of them to the same degree. It is worth mentioning if it helps even one other stressed-out fur baby. Thunderstorm season is not going anywhere for a while. Rain or sunshine, you can check out Chewy on YouTube. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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