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Getting a Pomeranian: Is One Right for You? What To Know

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Is a Pomeranian a good fit for your family? This question’s answer lies in the tailor-made reality of your personal dynamics. Having only personally known Chewy the Pomeranian, I speak from a limited space. However, watching many Pom Instagram videos has helped me identify Pom-specific attributes that Chewy possesses. So, here is what you need to know.

Pomeranians are feisty little dogs with courageous hearts, quick minds, and brave spirits. A ton of heart and soul is packed into Chewy’s tiny package. As a Pomeranian, Chewy has the breed’s charm and their unyielding sense of self. He loves attention and using his voice (wink, barking).

Energy levels differ. Chewy does not fall within the highly hyper portion of the scale. He naps after his two meals, especially breakfast. After waking up, he loves to play and is quite imaginative. Chewy pretends his toys have voluntarily moved away from him when he throws them. He accordingly goes over to grab them and give them a good talking too. Imagination takes creativity, which requires intellect. So, yes, Chewy is a genius.

What do you need to know about yourself to understand if a Pomeranian is a good fit?

If you can spend a tremendous amount of time with your Pomeranian and understand that barking comes with the territory. As far as the attention goes, Chewy needs to get more. One of his favorite things (besides the holidays) is having loved ones make over him. Hence, his love of costumes, and like his fellow Poms, he is also tenacious and not the easiest to train.

They are independently minded-and, in Chewy’s case, unmotivated by the promise of treats. Chewy did not take them up on the offer of even the most tempting of treats when being observed by a trainer. Chewy’s decision is motivated by a lack of trust and a desire to be uncontrolled by bribes.

Speaking of trust, Chewy has been reserved with giving his away too easily and only reserves his for those who have proven worthy of it. (Humans take note.) Since he was a bitty baby, Chewy has only taken food from people if they gained his trust. It took me a long time to convince him to trust me. 

The first time, I left him a treat in his playpen, walked away, and watched from a hiding spot. Baby Chewy looked around first and sniffed the air before gingerly checking the treat with a fast lick. He eventually ate them. The rest is history.

Pomeranians are known for their bold and expressive personalities, and Chewy is no exception. 

Chewy’s desire to subvert human control is another factor. When he senses he has to do something in exchange for a treat, Chewy would rather maintain his autonomy. It has made training a bit more difficult but possible. Chewy is somewhat patient with brushing and knows the all-important “sit” command. How? You have to have patience and be willing not to give in to his precious pouty face when he wants the treat regardless.

One More Thing

Food allergies are a strong possibility. Just because your fur baby loves a certain treat does not mean their digestive system will. Chewy is allergic to chicken, marshmallows, and Cheerios. Somehow, he can eat cheese without any issues. All this is to say that our vet indicates that small dogs are prone to more food sensitivities. 

Pomeranians are in that group and may require a special diet to manage. Chewy is so small that buying special diet food is not a huge expense. Pomeranians do not have the appetite of a Great Pyrenees or St. Bernard, which means a bag of food should last a long time. Something to consider when thinking about getting a Pom.

So, why did we get a Pomeranian? 

I needed a small dog who could go everywhere with me, have as much personality as Wishbone, and look like a puppy forever. With Chewy, we struck the lottery! He is a feisty, fluffy, and faithful companion. Pomeranians are small enough to easily travel, have a personality that will always keep you entertained, and their youthful look never ceases to amaze.

Many people who see Chewy for the first time believe he is a puppy-puppy - as in a few months old. They are surprised to learn that he is three. If it is possible, he has gotten even cuter with time. Of course, you can check out his complete transformation in his YouTube video here. Please subscribe so you get all the new videos when their posted.


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