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Chewy's 2022 Life Update: Why He's Done Eating 'Pup Cups'

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Guess who is springing into action and just in time for May? Chewy the Top Pom! What has he been up to this year? Well, believe it or not, 2022 has been pretty eventful, and it is going by fast. The little rascal got to experience his first snow before winter 2022 ended, and he has enjoyed his usual trips to the salon. So, how did a pup cup come into play?

Well, it has not all been sunshine, snow, and salon visits for Chewy. March saw him deal with the return of some of his tummy issues, the cause of which remains not entirely confirmed. According to the vet, a pup cup was to blame. At the same time, Royal Canine had “supply chain” issues, and its hypo-allergenic dog food - Ultamino - was off the shelves completely.

Chewy ended up having to eat another company’s version of the food.

Chewy loved it until his digestive issues reared their head. His sensitive stomach has been an issue since he was a little puppy. He cannot even enjoy a pup cup. After consulting specialists upon that initial outbreak, we were told to add pumpkin to his diet for extra fiber. It seemed to solve things until it did not. Chewy became terribly ill last year around this same time.

We endured a huge scare that included a visit to the ER. The vet believed he was allergic to chicken and a potential array of other treats. Chewy has been on a strict Ultamino diet ever since, and it seemed to cure him aside of a few anxiety-related issues.

Cut to 2022, and Chewy was given a little whip cream (aka a homemade pup cup) and he ate his new hypo-allergenic food. He handled it fine for days. When he went on the Hills diet, his tummy problems really erupted. It is unclear if the pup cup or the food change triggered his issues. However, I managed to find (a 19.9 lb. bag) of Ultamino on and ordered it.

The bag looks like the one the Dad brought home in “Beethoven” when the family is bringing in their respectively sized bags of Beethoven’s food. Chewy went back to the food like a duck to water at first before his issues emerged again. His nausea and his lack of appetite have persisted on and off ever since then. Ultamino alone was not the cure-all.

Hopefully, Chewy has turned the most important corner.

All of this to add that it is unconscionable that Royal Canine did not have Ultamino available to the precious pets it is meant to serve before a substitute food became necessary. Our furry family members rely on that food for their health and well-being. It is a medical necessity, not a trendy food for them to eat. There should be no shortage of essential food. Gastrointestinal distress is no small matter.

On a positive note, Chewy has been gradually making progress with his appetite and his newfound love for green beans this month. He has also celebrated his two-year forever family anniversary. More life updates will be on the way soon, so be sure to subscribe if you have not already! You will not want to miss a post about Chewy.


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