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Pomeranians Shed: 3 Must-Have Brushes To Manage Their Fur

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Do Pomeranians shed a lot? No. At least, not in the summer and winter. That said, it takes a lot to be a fluffy wonder, and Chewy has no shortage of fur to show for it. After all, Pomeranians have two coats, the undercoat and the outer (or top) coat. This fact means you have to brush them daily to manage their fur. So, what brushes are must-haves to get the job done?

Speaking from personal experience with Chewy, it required a lot of trial and error that ultimately led to this recent realization. After a little over a year with Chewy, this is the conclusion I reached. Surprisingly, it only takes three (yes, 3) brushes/combs/tools to do it, and they all perform an essential function that makes his coat “fur-fect.”

The goal of the following products is to prevent mats and remove existing ones carefully and safely from your Pomeranian’s fur without hurting them or causing them undue anxiety. To that point, when he is not on TikTok, Chewy is a nervous Pom. So, if he accepts these grooming tools, chances are yours will too. Here we go (with *no* paid promotion)!

Top Paw Dematting Rake Top Paw Comfort-Grip Comb Chi Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Small

Top Paw’s Comfort-Grip Comb

When Chewy was struggling with mats, it seemed like an impossible thing to cure. They just kept coming, especially after he exercised. When I called over to the local PetSmart and asked a groomer what they would suggest to handle it. Their answer surprised me – a metal comb.

As a human, one had never done much for me (I think?), so I was skeptical it would get the job done for Chewy. Thankfully, I was wrong. It was just what he needed. Chewy accepts getting combed with it, and the comb easily reaches through his fur, softly pulling apart mats. Why Top Paw’s version?

There is a lot to love about Top Paw’s, including that it is metal, which means it will last longer. At least, that is what another PetSmart employee told me. Personally speaking, the grip also makes it easier for those who have arthritis (raises hand) to handle and maneuver the comb.

Price: $11.99 at PetSmart

Top Paw Dematting Rake

What is a dematting rake? While it sounds scary and somewhat strange, it comes in super handy. A dematting rake gets used for breaking up incredibly stubborn mats that have become lodged in your dog’s fur. When it comes to a Pomeranian, it is a necessity. Albeit less of one if you are regularly combing them.

When I learned about dematting rakes, I quickly scoured for a cost-friendly one on Amazon. They had some, but none of them were small enough for 5-lb Chewy. The Chew is a little guy, and a comparable tool was needed to get the job done. Cut to Top Paw’s version of this grooming necessity. It features a comfortable handle and a small (read: non-intimidating) dematting rake.

Thankfully, the metal comb mentioned above did most of the work to help remove Chewy’s mats. The dematting rake only got called upon when reinforcements were necessary. In other words, there was a good clump of fur that did not want to give up easily. Top Paw’s dematting rake quickly, easily, and gently did its job.

Price: $15.99 at PetSmart (link)

Chi’s Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush: Small

When Chewy first arrived, he got a slicker brush to help maintain his fur. As the year went on, he grew increasingly intolerant of it. For one, it was pretty huge. Secondly, the original slicker had a white back. (Side note: Bright white objects bother Chewy immensely.) Hence, it was time for a new twist on the slicker brush.

As you probably know, slicker brushes are must-haves for Pomeranians. They are a finishing brush that helps pick up that loose fur, leaving your Pom’s coat in salon-worthy shape afterward. This is where Chi’s self-cleaning slicker brush comes in handy. It is small with red markings but a silver body.

The size of the brush is great for the compact Chewy, and if you are wondering how it “self-cleans,” let me answer that one for you. You click a button, for lack of a better term, that pushes the hair to the top of the brush, so you can easily clean it out. That is something Chewy’s older slicker brush did not do, and it is a huge time-saver.

Price: $15.99 at PetSmart (check it out here)

In Conclusion

A metal comb, dematting rake, and a slicker brush are essential to the care and keeping of your Pomeranian. Chewy may be a “top Pom,” but he wants his fellow Poms to have every advantage they can to join him in having a healthy, happy coat of fur that shines in the sun.

Have these tools worked for you? Did any of these tips help you narrow down your Pomeranian’s brushing and grooming needs? Sound off in the comments section, and do not forget to subscribe to Eclectic Pup so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest about Chewy.


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