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Chewy Cruises to Florida Georgia Line’s Ii First TikTok

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TikTok is arguably the buzziest social media platform at the moment, and Chewy has finally put his paw prints on it thanks to Florida Georgia Line’s hit song, “Cruise.” Chewy’s TikTok debut is less than 15 seconds long. Still, the clip of him riding in his stroller provides an excellent glimpse into the happiness the precious Pomeranian fills his family with every day.

Life with Chewy is a lot of fun, and as you can see in the TikTok below, he knows his way around a camera. The moment captured below occurred while taking a recent walk. It was a beautiful evening, and the sun was still bright out. Chewy was taking it all in, per usual. His unmistakable personality shines no matter the setting, and his walk with his family proved no exception. Check out his TikTok debut for yourself:


Chewy "the top Pom" takes a cruise in his stroller. ##Dogs ##dogsoftiktok ##pomeranian ##petsoftiktok

♬ Cruise - Remix - Florida Georgia Line

Now, you may be wondering how this video came together. On our way home, I wanted to get footage of him for his newly-formed TikTok account. Not one to shy away from a camera phone, Chewy was quick to respond. The footage in the TikTok was the first and only video I took during the stroll because I immediately knew it could not get topped.

Upon returning home, the video got uploaded to TikTok, and after trying the brief 16-second clip against the suggested music, it was clear something else might fit too. I could not quite put my finger on what that song was at first. A few minutes later, it hit me. Chewy took a “cruise” in his stroller, and Florida Georgia Line’s catchy 2012 summer anthem felt like the perfect fit.

After plugging it into the video, those suspicions got confirmed. What I did not expect was how well it fit. While Chewy never ceases to amaze me, he managed to do it again. When Chewy turns around to face the camera, he appears to mouth the words to “Cruise” before turning back around in splendid sync to the song’s title getting sung.

The only thing the video required before posting it on TikTok was a slight edit of a few seconds towards the end, so the big moment did not lose its impact. At first, I had shaved too much time off and lost Florida Georgia Line singing, “turn the radio up.” The footage got restored quickly enough, and after watching it back a few times, the edit was complete.

Yes, Chewy’s TikTok debut came together that quickly. It was surprising because this was the first TikTok video I had ever done before. There was some research beforehand that came in handy. Everything that was learned made it clear that TikTok would be a great platform for Chewy, who has excelled with being in front of the camera.

Chewy’s ability to look right into the lens never ceases to impress, and it has not gone unnoticed either. People who have asked to take his picture when he is out and about have commented on it. Chewy seems to enjoy the camera quite a bit. Since we first got him, he has always been ready for his close-up.

As has been true of life with Chewy over the past year, he is always full of surprises. If you are wondering, rest assured that he is not a divo. Despite his ability to call people’s attention, Chewy remains incredibly humble. He is a sweetheart of a Pomeranian who does not let the attention go to his head. So, will there be more TikToks?

Probably. It is nice to share him with the world. If he brightens my day, I can only hope he can do that for other people. His TikTok debut came on his “personal” account (link here), so stay tuned there. Future videos may get posted to Eclectic Pup’s account. For those wondering why Chewy is in a stroller, he takes his exercise walks on an indoor pet treadmill for optimum safety.

Chewy is tiny in real life, a 5-pound package of full-blown Pomeranian. Since his human has back issues, carrying Chewy in his front-facing carrier can be taxing when we are walking around. Hence, the recent purchase of his stroller, which led to the heartwarming TikTok.

Stay tuned for more adventures by subscribing! Chewy will keep you updated with even more of his adorable antics. As well as info, prospective Pomeranian families may want to know. The good news is that this is the first official post here on Eclectic Pup, and there will be many more to come. 🐾


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