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Can A Pomeranian Walk On A Dog Treadmill? [VIDEO]

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Can your precious pup (in this case, a Pomeranian) get the daily exercise they need without going outside? Is a dog treadmill the solution? Inclement weather, your health, and the risks that walking your fur baby outdoors presents are all reasons to consider a dog-sized treadmill. Check out Chewy’s review of his, below:

Yes, that is Chewy in his 9-month-old Pomeranian glory walking on his dog treadmill. As I explained in the video, Chewy took to the machine like a duck to water or Chewy to TikTok. He did not even need the inspiration of treats to get all four of his paws on deck to check it out, either. For a spirited dog such as Chewy, that is saying something.

Yes -- treadmills specially made for dogs exist. They can be pretty expensive if you have not shopped around. As someone who invested in a Petsite dog treadmill (this is not a paid promotion), I can attest that paying for your beloved fur baby’s health via exercise is undoubtedly worth the expense. In Super Chewy’s case, it is the best alternative to heading outside to get his daily walk completed.

Are you wondering if you are depriving your dog and yourself of something by taking him on a treadmill? Put your heart at ease. As someone who deals with health problems that make personal exercise a struggle, I know it would be worse to deprive Chewy of his daily needs because of those restraints.

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For those who may also not feel up to walking their dog outside due to health reasons or age, dog treadmills provide a solution. No more of you walking in the rain, sleet, snow or when allergy season is at its all-time worst. There is an even more pressing reason if you have a small dog as your fur baby.

Toy breeds, such as Pomeranians, terriers, etc., face the risk of getting involved in fights with their fellow canines, and that is not all. Coyotes, foxes, bobcats, wolves, and other wildlife pose a threat to domesticated animals trying to take a stroll. If you doubt the danger of bobcats, look no further than that viral story out of Burgaw, NC, per WECT. (Yes, the home of “Under the Dome” production.)

In other affirming news, dogs taking a walk via a dog treadmill shows signs of becoming trendy. Look no further than a certain Hallmark movie starring future royalty if you need any extra assurance. In a nutshell, help protect your dog, give yourself some rest if you need one, and be ahead of the trend. Chewy loves his treadmill, and your dog might love theirs too. They will probably thank you for it.


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