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Check Out Chewy As A Super, Superman For Halloween 2021

Chewy Pomeranian Superman Costume Halloween
Chewy the Pom

No kryptonite in sight! Happy Halloween 2021 from Chewy the Pomeranian! It is his second one, and he is thrilled to share pictures from his costume of choice: Superman. Or, in his case, Super-dog? Either way, Chewy is wishing you the happiest of days filled with no tricks and nothing but treats.

If you are wondering, the original picture of Chewy in his Halloween costume can be seen via the Instagram (no TikTok video this time) embed below. Please make sure you swipe to the left to see it. In the theme of comic books, Chewy’s mom chose to use a photo editor to illustrate that mood a bit better. Check it out below…

There is not a lot of time left in Halloween 2021, but Chewy feels like a superhero that can walk on a dog treadmill. Hopefully, the weather is lovely wherever you are reading this, and you can enjoy a night of trick-or-treating. Regardless of the conditions outside, Chewy loves to wear his costume inside.

Plus, even if Chewy does not get to press the flesh in person, he has gotten out and about in his costume virtually and with his family. They think he looks super and snazzy in his adorable costume. This is not an ad, but if you like the costume and are wondering where we got it, the answer is Petco. Here is the link.

The fabric is a breathable T-shirt-like material, which makes it great for a furry dog like Chewy to not get too hot when he is wearing his costume. As a Pomeranian, Chewy’s thick coat makes wearing some outfits unreasonable unless there is super cold weather. Thus, making this Superman costume a wonderful compromise.

There is nothing for Chewy to howl about with this costume. From Chewy and Eclectic Pup, Happy Halloween 2021! ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿพ


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