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Eclectic Pup Is Finally Here: Meet Chewy, The Pomeranian

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First off, thank you for checking out Eclectic Pup! If the title of this blog sounds slightly familiar, you are onto something. This is Britt from Eclectic Pop (just a one letter difference), the entertainment site. As much as I love writing about movies, television, and music, I have discovered an even more lovable muse of which to write: my wonderous Pomeranian puppy, Chewy.

That is right! Back in March of 2020, I had the honor to realize one of my lifelong goals: getting a dog, and not just any dog. Chewy is an extraordinary puppy. He has a feisty personality that is equal parts sweet and devoted, and this blog is about him. It is a chance for others to get to experience just a part of the joy I experience with Chewy every day. 

In all honesty, Chewy is a combination of every adorable dog (and then some) you have seen on television and movies, rolled into one fascinating nearly 5-pound puppy. It does not take multiple puppies to play him. Chewy is a singularly amazing wonder that I hope to share with the world.

As much as I love writing about the entrainment medium, there will be nothing quite like writing about Chewy. As readers know, I do not typically talk a lot about my personal life on Eclectic Pop. It is about my POV on entrainment. Eclectic Pup will be about chronicling the life and times of Chewy, life with him, and insight into what I have learned so far as a pet parent.

Here at Eclectic Pup, you will find the info I would have liked to have known as a first-time dog owner with an emphasis on Pomeranian care. Expect to learn more about Chewy, the elaborate story of his first ten months, and more. Chewy and I cannot wait! This is just the beginning and there will be YouTube videos, so start subscribing here.

Thank you,
Britt and Chewy ๐Ÿพ


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